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Academic Contributions:

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Other Contributions:

Will Moore, ‘Let boys be authentic individuals‘ [Letter to the editor], Church Times (24th March 2023).

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Book Reviews:

Review of Play the Man! Biblical Imperatives to Masculinity, by David J. A. Clines, Crucible (forthcoming).

Review of Constructive Theology and Gender Variance: Transformative Creatures, by Susannah Cornwall, Religion and Gender (forthcoming).

Review of The Crucifixion of Jesus: Torture, Sexual Abuse, and the Scandal of the Cross, by David Tombs, Journal for the Study of Bible and Violence (forthcoming).

Review of When Did We See You Naked? Jesus as a Victim of Sexual Abuse, by Jayme R. Reaves, David Tombs, and Rocio Figueroa Alvear, Journal for the Study of Bible and Violence (forthcoming).

Review of Rape Myths, the Bible, and #MeToo, by Johanna Stiebert, Journal for the Study of Bible and Violence, 1.1 (2022).

Review of The Bible and Sexual Violence Against Men, by Chris Greenough, Feminist Theology, 30.1 (2021).

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