Sermons available online:

Family isn’t always simple (Girton Church, 19th March 2023).

A Resurrection People: Jesus and the Sadducees (Girton Church, 6th November 2022).

‘Grief is the price we pay for love’: A sermon for the period of national mourning of HM The Queen (18th September 2022).

‘Boys Will Be Boys’? (North Hinckford Team, 31st July 2022).

‘When you want me, but no longer need me…’: The Invitation of Mary (St Thomas’ Pendleton, Salford, 17th July 2022).

Hopelessness in the Wilderness of War (Girton Church, 6th March 2022).

Breaking Groundhog Day (Girton Church, 7th November 2021).

Getting Lost (Lawford Church, 18th July 2021).

Family Isn’t Simple (North Hinckford Team, 14th March 2021).

Lockdown: A Year of Lent? (North Hinckford Team, 17th February 2021).

Transformation and Unclean Spirits (Lawford Church, 31st January 2021).

The Puzzle Pieces of Advent (North Hinckford Team, 13th December 2020).

Catching the Hand of Jesus (The Gathering – Cardiff, 9th August 2020).

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